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We Are One

We Are One

Drops streak cheek to cheek,

Sliding singular then joined, liquid salt of innards,

Waltz smooth to acceleration, zoom zoom zoom past oblivion,

Back to ground, back to present, back to body


Here now, blood course

& beat beat beat pulse of life,

Soul-rending shocks, chest boom boom,

Boom, gasp & breath to breath,

Lightning power & anaconda constriction


Penetrate through silk of skin to caverns

Of suspended songs, chants time knows,

The other world hidden to expose

In dreams, faint images of

Books filled with our purpose & past,

Choices, lessons to be, promises to keep,

Judgement is mine to myself,

To this vessel I inhabit

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Venado Isand, Costa Rica


From bone to meat, from sigh to grind

Strive against tendencies to fall and slip; slide and dive; then tumble- legs askew, head snaps

Over, over, and over; over, over, and over; snowball somersault down a mountainside

Speeding rollercoasters bursting off track, hurtling high and arcing down to the crushing depths of the sea

Air strangled, no breath; just salt and gushing filling death


Resigning myself to the path of never-more

Rush, rush; rush, rush without end; penetrating the sanctity of my form like so many others

Please come, take me to the dark; take me to the place where I am no more

Ashes, ashes; memories alone; turn them to stone, to ashes and stone

Blind me and silence my fears with the beat of the blood; rush, rush, rushing into the sea,

To the purple-black cold welcoming pool; to the end of all that has been me

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