Goofing around in the pool at Josue's apartment in Ventura, CA (09-2009)

Goofing around in the pool at Josue’s apartment in Ventura, CA (09-2009)

My brother, Josue, used to say that feeling was my superpower. It was that, but I allowed it to become a weakness.

A few years ago, I realized I needed a new path & I began that work. Then my brother became seriously ill after living on dialysis for 11 years. He fought with everything he had, but he passed away on April 23, 2014. Josue was always an inspiration. Few people knew of his illness and he created a life of grace and power that shone even in the most painful time.

Josue is the reason this blog finally exists. After a lifetime lived in my head, I’m ready to follow my own intuition.

Long before he entered the hospital for the last time, Josue told his roommate, “Every day I am closer to death and I know that, but I’m okay with that because I’ve done whatever I wanted, how I wanted, and with who I wanted to do it with. G, I am going to die soon and I know that, but I need you to promise me something. That for the rest of your life you will be amazing. You have to promise that no matter how bad you feel, how mad you get, that you will not give up and keep trying to live your life to the fullest. Do what you want to do, how you want to, and with who you want to do it with. Don’t be afraid of doing things that you are afraid of. Be amazing because this is not a house of mediocrity and we do not accept anything less than perfection. Now help me with my shirt, Taco Boy.”


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