we two are tied & i am branded

we two are tied & i am branded









pitifully walking my bicycle, limping, yet remaining upright

in a dance of determination, slight stubbornness,

rounding the corner to sanctuary

torn, matted, blood-stained & blood-fresh,

paralyzed by the deepening, sinking of gravel into flesh

mind bursting with previous comforts

warm cloth and water, gentle hands soft and guiding

lyrics of her heart drenching me

with the embracing heat of her soul song

enchanting, like the siren leads into submission

yielding, fresh tears dried magically by silky worry-kisses

echoes of the world vacuum-packed from my ears,

melting into my brain, a moment stilled, silent,

unmoving by the grasp of her love

edging past this cloud, knowledge and comfort enter upon me

i will be whole again for i am in her arms, my savior,

shielding, protecting the youngness & innocence of me

soothing all wrongs with words, laughter, tenderness & mercy

images, senses remembered of her called to me to push & seek home

she would be, awaiting my return & upon her breast

all pain then ceasing, overpowered by the fierce & undeniable force

she that bore me bears my burdens & disasters daily,

sacrificing herself for me in mind, body, & spirit

we two are tied & i am branded

as once in the womb united for life or death

i am hers & she is mine & we two shall always be


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