Venado Isand, Costa Rica


From bone to meat, from sigh to grind

Strive against tendencies to fall and slip; slide and dive; then tumble- legs askew, head snaps

Over, over, and over; over, over, and over; snowball somersault down a mountainside

Speeding rollercoasters bursting off track, hurtling high and arcing down to the crushing depths of the sea

Air strangled, no breath; just salt and gushing filling death


Resigning myself to the path of never-more

Rush, rush; rush, rush without end; penetrating the sanctity of my form like so many others

Please come, take me to the dark; take me to the place where I am no more

Ashes, ashes; memories alone; turn them to stone, to ashes and stone

Blind me and silence my fears with the beat of the blood; rush, rush, rushing into the sea,

To the purple-black cold welcoming pool; to the end of all that has been me

Stop and start; repeat the same unenlightening, beguiling patterns; colors of loss and oppressive heat; heart fails and dust swirling around and above and underneath

Forward I crawl and backward I lunge; is it my innermost undeniable eventuality?

Escape, relief, decline? Yes, please, yes! No, but I can’t.

I am a self-made victim; somehow bliss accompanies the straining, gurgling crushing of my soul

I long for better, more; but I can’t swim, much less soar. Any more, any more.

Toss, turn, twirl, moan

One step leads to another; down the stairs, down and down;

Trudging and tripping till I smell the perfumed petals


Soft, pastel, perfumed petals drift up and down on a breeze of regrets and almost

Landing on the smoothness of my transport, box of finality and entombment

I am a sad seeker, a joyful sufferer; addict to tears and rending emotionality

I let go, I fell, my sight obscured. I fell over as the whoosh of the wind whistled me away


This was written in June 2013. I have battled with intense depression and anxiety throughout my life and at this time I was in a particularly desperate place where I daily contemplated my own annihilation. The thoughts were all consuming and I felt that I was in great danger of acting on my fantasies. Along with other means, writing this made me feel like I began to take some of the power away from my thoughts by shaping them in the secure space of the page.    


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  1. It takes strength to share something this dark with the world. So glad you’re willing to be courageous and share your experience so that others can feel like they aren’t alone.

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